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DREAMi Foundation

DREAM International Foundation (Dialysis, Resuscitation, Education & Affordable Medicine) was established in 2021.

We are a team, predominantly of doctors, based in the UK composed of like-minded individuals who believe that healthcare and education should be accessible to all, irrespective of financial circumstance.

We are experienced in healthcare and we aim to use our specialised knowledge to further our collective cause.

How we plan on making a difference

Dialysis treatments

for individuals with chronic kidney disease in rural India (and potentially Africa).

Resuciation education

and basic life support to students and general public.

Support education

for disadvantaged children and adults.

Clean drinking water

for educational insitutes and local communities.

The Problem

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a highly prevalent problem, affecting millions all over the world. Specifically in India, it is the eighth leading cause of death as revealed by The Global Burden of Disease (GBD).

4 out of 5 chronic disease deaths now occur in low and middle-income countries. poverty.

This upsurge of patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is to have been exacerbated by the culmination of the increase of patients with diabetes and hypertension and increasing poverty.
Fig. Current costing for renal disease treatment

The Solution

For the treatment of any disease, availability of therapy and its affordability are two important issues.

With most dialysis units being privately run, the cost of dialysis is out of reach for the majority of Indians, who live on a daily wage of INR 372.33. Furthermore, only 10% of patients with ESRD have access to renal replacement therapy.

Having recognized this at DREAMi Foundation, we are taking active measures to combat this problem.
We plan to set up dialysis satellite units in rural areas to facilitate this.

They shall:
  • be set up in a hospital or clinic with an ICU.
  • have 4- 5 beds present in each unit.
  • have an on-board nephrologist who will oversee treatments.
  • All treatments will be free, funded by the DREAMi Foundation.

Kayalpattinam Model

Kayalpattinam is a coastal town in the district of Thoothukudi. Upon investigating dialysis centres, we learned of a fully functioning dialysis centre in the rural outskirts of Kayalpattinam.

The dialysis centre has a nephorologist who visits from Tirunelveli (a city 50 km away) every month for a follow up on patients. He helps out with with tunnel-line insertion of fistula and any other issues.

Our hope is to setup such satellite dialysis centres in every rural village in Tamilnadu.

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